Learn These 5 Hindi Phrases With Viki!

As we continue our language-learning journey, it’s time to add another language! We’ve featured Chinese, Thai, Korean, Spanish and Japanese in the past, but our focus today is all on Hindi. Learn now and practice while watching our new Bollywood movies, such as “Perfect Mismatch” and “Miley Naa Miley Hum.”

Below, we break down and translate five Hindi phrases from popular Bollywood movies found on Viki to get you started.


When two families meet to discuss the marriage of their children, Poonam (played by Amrita Rao) and Prem (played by Shahid Kapoor), Prem’s father hands a drink to one of the party guests, which is received with a “thank you.”

Hum Saath Saath Hai

A family heads out together and rides elephants to get around. One of the sisters spots a peacock and comments, “Wow! How beautiful!” before breaking out in song and dance.


After picking up their respected elder brother (played by Amrish Puri), everyone in his family greets him with “How are you?” He’s visiting Chamba for the first time.

Hum Aapke Hain Koun

Prem (played by Salman Khan) interrupts Lallu (played by Laxmikant Berde) during his study time to convince him to join the rest of the family playing cricket outside. He takes his hand and says, “Let’s go.”


Aranya’s (played by Ayesha Takia Azmi) aunt tries to put up a poster in protest against RK Constructions, which is planning to build a resort in their hometown. Someone tries to stop her, and she argues back by saying if political posters are allowed, then “Why not?”

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8 Hilarious Subtitles Involving Bathroom Humor!

Am I wrong or have there been a lot of recent dramas with wise-cracking comments involving butts, farting and pooping? If you haven’t noticed, let us refresh your memory. Because, who doesn’t like a good joke involving bathroom humor every now and then? Read on for some of our favorites from currently-airing and recent dramas on Viki!

What Happens to My Family? — ‘Eat and poo and sleep and do whatever you want…’

In Episode 3, Gang Jae chews out a female resident for making a mistake on a patient who recently underwent surgery. He accuses the resident of ordering a blood transfusion just to ease her own worries instead of thinking of the patient’s best interest. He compares her actions to being no different than what a mutt would do. Ouch! But if you hang on for a few seconds after the verbal berating, you’ll be rewarded with a great make-out scene!

Wonderful Days — ‘He was going to get stuck in his butt-hole.’

This series is chock-full of references to bathroom humor, making it one of the most entertaining family dramas of the year. The following three examples show the range of great references to butts, farting and pooping in the show!

In Episode 5, So Sim is recalling how much her youngest son, Dong Hee, looked up to his oldest brother, Dong Seok, when they were little.

Wonderful Days — ‘What are you doing only farting for 10 minutes?’

The grandfather, Ki Su, is one of the most entertaining characters in recent dramas — bedridden and dependent on everyone in his extended family to care for him as he reigns over the family from his bed. In Episode 17, his oldest son’s wife and mistress (that’s right, it’s complicated!) both come into his room to break some bad news. But instead of getting straight to the point, they suggest he take a sedative before he hears the news. The impatient grandpa tells them to stop beating around the bush with the following hilarious expression.

Wonderful Days — ‘Diarrhea what? Are you having diarrhea?

The twins, Dong Joo and Dong Won, are the most entertaining child characters in any drama this year. After recently learning that Dong Hee is their real father, in Episode 23Dong Joo tells her twin that she can’t go back to school and face her teacher or her friends. But the less-astute Dong Won misunderstands Dong Joo’s use of the words for “make matters worse” and accuses his sister of having diarrhea, much to her annoyance!

Temptation — ‘If you keep farting, you’re bound to take a crap.

Han Soo, everyone’s favorite private investigator, is hired by President Kang to tail his wife to gather dirt on her to use against her in a divorce proceeding. In Episode 6, as Han Soo watches the wife say goodbye to her tennis instructor, he jokes to himself that he’ll eventually catch her doing something naughty.

Apple in Your Eye — ‘You’re laughing at fart…’

In this current Taiwanese drama, Ji Wei follows her next-door neighbor, Yao Qi, around like a little sister, but he views her as more of a nuisance. When a pudgy kid asks to be Ji Wei’s boyfriend in this drama highlights video, Yao Qi rides by on his bicycle and laughs at her instead of coming to her rescue. Then she says, “Xiao pi la (笑屁啦) ,” which literally translates to “You’re laughing at fart,” but the expression has come to mean “What are you laughing at!”

Can We Love? — ‘Rolling around in a vat of poop.’

Ji Hyun’s mother-in-law in this Korean drama is the epitome of a two-faced, vindictive woman who treats her daughter-in-law like some garbage the cat dragged in. In one of her confrontations with Ji Hyun in Episode 18, the mother-in-law says the following and a whole lot of other nasty things to Ji Hyun’s face, essentially calling her own daughter-in-law a “vat of poop”!

To the Beautiful You — ‘With a dashing bowel movement, start your refreshing day.’

In Episode 1 of this funny series, Tae Joon’s new roommate, who happens to be a female fan of Tae Joon cross-dressing as a boy to be able to attend his all-boys’ school and be his roommate, leaves Tae Joon annoying sticky notes of encouragement all over the house when he gets up in the morning.

Which bathroom-humor scene is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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At Least 16 Reported Dead at Korean Pop Concert

View of the ventilation grate at K-pop concert. Source: Yonhap News Agency

The K-pop world is reeling from a tragic accident that occurred at an outdoor pop concert in South Korea on Friday, with news agencies reporting at least 16 concert goers dead and almost a dozen more injured.

The accident occurred around 5 p.m. Korean time on Friday at “The 1st Pangyo Techno Valley Festival,” held in Seongnam City just south of Seoul, where the popular K-pop groups 4minute, T-ara, JungGiGo and Cherry Filter were scheduled to perform. During the girl group 4minute’s performance, fans were reported to have stood on top of a ventilation grate to get a better view. The steel grids on top of the raised ventilation platform collapsed under the weight of the concert goers, and the fans fell about 66 feet down a concrete shaft to an underground parking area below.

According to the BBC, 12 people were instantly killed after the fall, another two died on the way to the hospital and two people died while receiving treatment at the hospital. Another 10 or 11 people are reported to have been injured.

An estimated 1,000 people were in attendance at the outdoor music festival. “Techno Valley” is South Korea’s Silicon Valley, where many of the country’s high-tech companies are based. Many of the concert goers are believed to be employees of nearby companies who attended the event after work.

Members of 4minute did not learn of the accident until they were on their way back to Seoul

Our hearts go out to the victims of this terrible tragedy and their families.

Drama Finales Mean They’re Over, But Never Gone!

You’ve tried to avoid thinking about that moment, but the finale is finally here. Your favorite show is coming to an end, and there’s nothing you can do about it. We understand that feeling. Trust us, we’ve all been there.

Instead of a sad face, pick yourself up and do a marathon! Watch all the episodes from the beginning again. Or maybe you’re one of those people who saved this show until it was over so you could enjoy the episodes back-to-back in one sitting. No waiting, biting your nails, and twiddling your thumbs for that whole week before new episodes are released. We approve of this approach, too!

Whichever option you choose, here’s our list of recent and upcoming finales:

Discovery of Love: Finale aired October 7

Kang Tae Ha (played by Eric) and Han Yeo Reum (played by Jung Yoo Mi) were in a past relationship that lasted five years and currently are working on a collaborative interior design project. Meanwhile, Yeo Reum and Nam Ha Jin (played by Sung Joon) have been dating for almost two years and are close to making it official. Whom will Han Yeo Reum end up with from this love triangle?

Surplus Princess: Finale aired on October 9

Even mermaids have trouble finding love! Kim Ha Ni (played Jo Bo Ah) has to find her true love within 100 days so she can remain human. If you’ve been following along, it’s come down to two people – Si Kyung, the skilled chef whose cold heart has started opening up, or Hyun Myeong, the unemployed guy who’s kind and warmhearted. Who is her true love?

Lovestore at the Corner: Finale aired on October 10

Nikki Hsieh had to play double duty in “Princess’ Stand In,” but she’s only acting in the role of Du Ke Xing in this drama. It’s been a twisted story of amnesia, heartbreak and new love. Has bonding over her lost sister helped Ke Xing find a happily-ever-after with Shu Lei (played by Lee Wei)?

Plus Nine Boys: Finale aired on October 11

You can’t go wrong with male eye candy — in this case, model-turned-actor Kim Young Kwang and BTOB’s Sung Jae. As the single men in the household begin dating, they soon learn how hard it is to navigate the rocky waters of relationships. Which couple will make it to the finish line?

Jang Bo Ri Is Here: Finale aired on October 12

Everyone has been cursing Min Jung (played by Lee Yoo Ri) for being evil and horrible in this drama (well, that’s just good acting!), so you must be curious how this all plays out. Will Bo Ri (played by Oh Yeon Soo) finally triumph over Min Jung? After more than 50 episodes, check out the exciting ending to this No. 1 weekend drama!

My Secret Hotel: Finale aired on October 14

An ex-husband, a murder mystery and a potential male suitor are a lot to handle for Sang Hyo (played by Yoo In Na)! She has the poise to handle anything, but can she finally decide between Hae Young (played by Jin Lee Han) and Sung Gyeom (played by Nam Goong Min)?

Love Myself or You: Finale airs today (October 17)

While romantic feelings between Zi Jie (played by Jasper Liu) and Kai Qi (played by Puff Guo) were on hold for a few episodes due to family issues, it looks like it’s back on track! He still wants Kai Qi back as a chef at Figaro Cuisine, but she’s already agreed to help Hao Wei (played by Jolin Chien) with his new restaurant venture. What will happen next?

Mama: Finale to air on October 19

Death is always scary, especially when considering the loved ones being left behind. Seung Hee (played by Song Yoon Ah) wants to make sure her son is taken care of after she dies, but will Tae Joo (played by Jung Joon Ho) and Ji Eun (played by Moon Jung Hee) become his new parents?

The Night Watchman: Finale to air on October 21

Lee Rin (played by Jung Il Woo) and Moo Seok (played by Yunho) have been battling for the heart of Do Ha (played by Go Sung Hee). But for Lee Rin, the appearance of a mysterious court lady who might know the secret behind his mother’s death is a major distraction. Our favorite boys are leaving the small screen again, but hopefully not for too long!

Once you’re done with these dramas, you can look forward to a few promising upcoming dramas:

Incomplete Life: Starts today (October 17)

With Im Si Wan (from “Triangle”), Kang So Ra (from “Doctor Stranger”) and Kang Ha Neul (from “Angel Eyes” and “To the Beautiful You”), this young cast is definitely easy on the eyes. See how they deal with growing up and working their way up in the corporate world!

Modern Farmer: Starts on October 18

You usually wouldn’t say rock band and rural farming in the same sentence, but we can make an exception for hotties Lee Hong Ki (from “You’re Beautiful”) and Park Min Woo (from “Flower Boy Ramyun Shop”). Can they make a living in this new profession or will they escape back to their old life in Seoul?

Aim High: Starts on October 24

Four close college friends dreamed about career success, but their tight relationships crumble after a huge fight just before graduation. What happens as they cross paths years later after following four different life experiences and careers? Catch Lego Li from “In A Good Way” and Chris Wang from “Inborn Pair” and “Love Family” in this upcoming Taiwanese drama.

Pinocchio: Starts on November 12

We bet you’ve had this on your radar since it was announced that Park Shin Hye (from “Heirs” and “Flower Boy Next Door”) and Lee Jong Suk (from “Doctor Stranger” and “I Hear Your Voice”) would be starring opposite each other in this drama. Will these 20-something rookie reporters be able to make it in the broadcast news industry in a busy city like Seoul?

Mischievous Kiss 2: Love in TOKYO: Starts on November 24

The highly anticipated second season of the hit series “Mischievous Kiss: Love in TOKYO” series is finally here! A teaser episode was already released in September and followed the newlywed couple on their honeymoon to Okinawa, but now we can’t wait for the rest of the episodes. What twists and romance will Kotoko (played by Yuki Furukawa) and Naoki (played by Miki Honoka) face this time around?

Which show are you sad to see go? Which upcoming show are you most excited about? Tell us in the comments!

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The 5 Hottest Bollywood Actresses (Who Aren’t Aishwarya)

Let’s face it, ever since that Pepsi ad, everyone has loved Aishwarya Rai Bachchan — or maybe the love started when she was crowned Miss World in 1994. Those are just petty details. One thing’s for sure — during her rise to fame, Aish has raised the bar for Bollywood actresses. Movies like “Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam,” “Taal” and, more recently, “Jodhaa Akbar” have shown international audiences the true potential of modern Indian cinema.

Now that Aish has settled comfortably into marriage and Beyoncé-level public adoration, there’s a new generation of Bollywood actresses who are ready to take their place in the spotlight.

Katrina Kaif

Originally a model from the United Kingdom, Katrina is undoubtedly the biggest star in Bollywood right now. If you don’t already have a crush on her, it won’t be long until you do. Check her out in blockbuster hits like “Partner” and “Singh Is Kinng”! It isn’t hard to see why Katrina’s dance songs, notably “Sheila ki Jawaani,” have consistently become international hits. Katrina’s (also stunning) sister, Isabel, joins the ranks of Bollywood actresses in this year’s “Dr. Cabbie.”

Sonam Kapoor

Sonam has big shoes to fill as the daughter of Bollywood legend Anil Kapoor, and so far, she has certainly stepped up to the challenge! She emerged as a formidable talent in the 2010 blockbuster hit “I Hate Luv Storys.” In mid-September, Sonam was crowned India’s first Disney princess, with the release of the romantic comedy “Khoobsurat.” For further proof that Katrina has arrived, she has even become best friends with fashion icon Tommy Hilfiger!

Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka has established herself over the last decade as a major force in Bollywood. From blockbuster hits like “Don,” the “Krrish” series, and “Dostana,” to more experimental work like “Love Story 2050” and “7 Khoon Maaf,” Priyanka is one the highest-paid and most prolific actresses in Bollywood. It doesn’t hurt that, like Aishwarya, Priyanka also is a former Miss World! Check her out in “Aitraaz”!

Deepika Padukone

In 2007, Deepika burst onto the scene in the hit “Om Shanti Om,” winning the Filmfare Award for Best Actress. She has since become known for her strong personality and willingness to speak her mind. Since 2012, Deepika has starred in a string of wildly successful movies, such as “Cocktail,” “Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani” and “Chennai Express.” Check her out in “Break Ke Baad”!

Shraddha Kapoor

Despite being a relative newcomer, Shraddha’s performance in 2013’s “Aashiqui 2” propelled her to fame and earned her a number of awards, including a Filmfare Award nomination for Best Actress. In fact, many only know Shraddha by the name of her character, Arohi. Also a legacy, Shraddha’s father is Shakti Kapoor, a Bollywood luminary. This year, Shraddha also starred in the highly successful “Ek Villain.”

Check out our Bollywood content for more hot actresses! Who is your favorite? Is there anyone you think should have been included in this list? Share with us in the comments!

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Language-Learning Challenge: Get Ready to Write ‘Hangeul’

Song Joong Ki as young King Sejong in ‘A Tree With Deep Roots

Happy Hangeul Day! For those of you who aren’t familiar with this Korean holiday, October 9 celebrates the invention and proclamation of the Korean alphabet, or Hangeul, during the Chosun Dynasty by King Sejong. If you’re interested in learning more about how Hangeul was created, watch “A Tree With Deep Roots,” which is about the events surrounding the seven days before the announcement of the Korean script.

To celebrate this Korean national holiday, we thought of the perfect language-learning challenge – teaching you how to write consonants from three Korean phrases! Yes, you read correctly. It’s time to practice your writing skills.

Check out these three phrases taken from some of our favorite dramas. Print out the full worksheet and see how well you can write them.

She’s So Lovable

In Episode 5, Se Na (played by f[x]’s Krystal) searches for handsome dog owner/neighborhood ahjussi/ANA’s CEO Hyun Wook (played by Rain) so she can play her completed song for him. After finally running into each other on the rooftop, he says “Let’s listen together.”

같이 듣자
Let’s listen together.

Short form:
Together (Ga-chi)

Note: At the beginning of a word,  is pronounced similarly to [g]. Otherwise, it’s similar to [k].

Hi! School: Love On

In Episode 5, Woo Hyun (played by Infinite’s Woohyun) and Sung Yeol (played by Infinite’s Sungyeol) discover Seul Bi (played by Kim Sae Ron) lying unconscious on a bench. She wakes up and we see how deep their bromance runs when they respond in unison, “Are you okay?”

Are you okay? (Gwen-chan-ah)

Note: A strong consonant such as  means that the pronunciation [ch] will stay the same regardless of placement.

A Tree With Deep Roots

In Episode 12, King Sejong (played by Han Suk Kyu) shares his work on the Korean alphabet with his court ladies and Hall of Worthies scholars. Excitement is felt all around about its simplicity. Now, writing “Hello/Hi” doesn’t require as many brush strokes!

Hello (Ahn-yeong-ha-se-yo)

Short form:
Hi (Ahn-yeong)

Note: As an ending consonant,  is pronounced [ng]. Otherwise, it’s pronounced [o].

Which Korean phrase do you think is most useful? Tell us and share other phrases that you think we should know in the comments!

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