5 Popular K-Pop Signature Dances You Should Learn

Who can forget Psy’s “Gangnam Style” from 2012 and the global phenomenon it became and the thousands of parodies that followed? But what we all remember the most from that song is the dance. Yes, this one:

GIF courtesy of jokesintheyolks.tumblr.com

In 2013, another popular K-pop dance craze emerged — boy band INFINITE’s “scorpion dance.” It didn’t gain the global attention “Gangnam Style” did, but to this day, it is still being used by other K-pop groups. So how’s the scorpion dance done? Well, like this:

GIF courtesy of byunginator.tumblr.com

Now that we’ve probably mastered those two iconic K-pop dance moves, you’re ready to move onto the 2015 version of popular K-pop signature dances that you need to know. Learn these five signature dance moves, and you’ll soon be a K-pop aficionado!

EXID’s ‘Up and Down’ Hip Thrust 

This song has had a lot of success over the past couple of months, and if you’ve see any videos of EXID performing “Up and Down,” you’ll know how the hip thrust is done. If not, then well, let’s take a look:

GIF courtesy of nugu-s.tumblr.com

This dance seems easy enough to try so don’t be shy and give it a go. This dance has become so popular that other idols have been trying out the moves.

 INFINITE H’s Hoya and Dongwoo attempt EXID’s hip thrusts and make it their own. GIF courtesy of star-hoya.tumblr.com

AOA’s ‘Like a Cat’ Dance 

If you like cats and like AOA’s song “Like a Cat,” then their song-accompanying dance is for you. This dance is sexy, fun and easy to learn. Learn the “cat dance” from AOA members themselves from their appearance on “After School Club.”

GOT7 ‘Stop Stop It’ Body Roll 

The rising idols of GOT7 introduced fans to their body-roll dance for their song “Stop Stop It.” The key is to hold your arms out in front of your body just-so as you’re doing this smooth move. Watch how it’s done by the cool guys of GOT7 in this episode of “After School Club”!

4Minute’s ‘Crazy’ Chest Pump 

What’s easier than a chest pump? And don’t feel intimidated because the sexy ladies of 4Minute are professionals, and they make it look easy. Try it for yourself and you may find it is, in fact, that easy. Watch the ladies show us how in “After School Club”!

INFINITE H’s ‘Pretty’ Hand-Kiss Move

INFINITE H recently had a comeback and introduced a signature dance for its new song “Pretty.” It looks simple and fun. Let’s learn from the members themselves as they show us how to do the “hand kiss” move in “After School Club”!

What has been your all time favorite K-pop signature dance? Let us know in the comments so we can learn these fun dances, too!

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5 Q&As With Birthday Boy Choi Woo Shik!

Just like Choi Jin Hyuk in “Emergency Couple” and Park Seo Joon in “A Witch’s Romance,” Choi Woo Shik is now the newest member of the leading actor club with “Fool’s Love.” We had a feeling he was headed for stardom after last year’s breakout role in “Fated to Love You” as Lee Yong, Gun’s (played by Jang Hyuk) at-first-scheming-but-then-hilariously-supportive-brother. At the Busan International Film Festival in 2014, he even won Actor of the Year for the movie, “Set Me Free.”

It seems only fitting that we celebrate his 25th birthday on March 26 by playing our version of the 20-questions game (but really only five) to learn more about how he got here and why you should be a fan!

Question: Can He Speak More Than One Language? 
Answer: Yes!

Joining G.NA, Yuki Furukawa and Godfrey Gao on the list of celebrities with ties to Canada, Choi Woo Shik spent 10 years of his life in Vancouver. This means he can speak English! However, if you decide to communicate through the language of love, we expect there to be no problems either.

Question: Is He Signed by a Well-Known Agency?
Answer: Yes!

Choi Woo Shik’s cute apple hairstyle in ‘Rooftop Prince’ 
When JYP Entertainment has your back, it can’t be a bad thing, right? For Choi Woo Shik, the decision to sign with JYP in 2012 really helped catapult his career. Shortly thereafter, he landed a supporting role in “Rooftop Prince” as an adorable eunuch! Not to mention, we bet he’s grown his circle of K-pop friends by being in the same agency with Miss A, 2PM, 2AM and GOT7.

Question: Do You Think He Looks Like Henry Lau?
Answer: Yes!

Henry Lau (“Real Men” and “We Got Married Season 4”) really does look like Choi Woo Shik’s brother from a Taiwanese mother. They both grew up in Canada, were selected by major entertainment agencies (SM vs. JYP), and are rising industry stars. Do you agree? Regardless, you can’t go wrong rocking a suit and tie, which Choi Woo Shik does for his role as a young prosecutor in “Pride and Prejudice.”

Question: Does He Only Specialize in Comedic Characters? 
Answer: No!

Surprising twist! While Choi Woo Shik acted as lovable characters in “Fated to Love You” and “Fool’s Love,” Choi Woo Shik actually had a cameo in “You’re All Surrounded”as a frustrated, unlucky guy having a bad day. He got fed up with how things were going in his life and held everyone hostage in a restaurant, including the detectives played by Go Ah Ra and Lee Seung Gi.

Question: Is He Pregnant?
Answer: Yes ... And No

We know that it’s not possible for guys to get pregnant, but in Choi Woo Shik’s case, he’s technically pretending while hanging out with co-star UEE on the set of “Fool’s Love.” How do you think he looks with the baby belly? Does he carry it well?

Happy 25th birthday, Choi Woo Shik! Send him some birthday love by leaving a comment on his Celebrities page!

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23 Essential K-Drama Words You Need to Know

Whether you’re a new or veteran drama fan, there are some Korean terms essential to understanding your favorite dramas. Even with subtitles, some words don’t have direct translations into other languages and are often either skipped or spelled out phonetically. Learn the following terms to sound like a Hallyu expert!

aegyo (EGG-yo) — The act of making a cute face and trying to act cute and adorable. For some reason, this seems to be a sought-after personality trait by some drama men in the women they date.

aigoo (EYE-goo) — An expression of exasperation, much like “Seriously?!”

ajumma (AH-joo-mah) “Lady” or “woman" with the connotation of being older, possibly with children. You wouldn’t use this for a student or a woman in her 20s.

ahjussi (AH-juh-shee)  Man or mister.” Like “ajumma,” this usually refers to an older man and wouldn’t be used for someone younger than you.

chaebol (JEH-bohl) — Heir to a family conglomerate business. If you were to believe K-dramas, they’re everywhere, and they’re usually smoking hot and moody!

Some of our favorite drama chaebols include Ji Sung in ‘Kill Me, Heal Me,’ Choi Jin Hyuk and Lee Min Ho in ‘Heirs’ and So Ji Sub in ‘Master’s Sun

Chosun Dynasty (JOH-sun, sometimes written as Joseon Dynasty) Era in Korean history from 1392 to 1897, when many famous kings ruled and evil family members tried to kill them. Most Korean historical dramas take place during this period, and many time-travel dramas involve traveling between this era and present day.

daebak (DEH-bak) — An expression of amazement, much like “No way!” Characters usually lower their voice an octave when saying this word.

dong-seng (DOHNG-seng) — “Younger brother.” This can be used to express a close relationship with someone younger even if that person is not biologically related.

Fighting! (be sure to pronounce the T very strongly as in FIE-TING!) — A standalone word that is usually said very loudly while accompanied by a held-up fist, this word is used to encourage someone to do well before they face a tough situation or go into a lion’s den.

Gyung-bae! (GYUNG-beh) — “Cheers!” If you don’t say it before you down a shot of soju in a K-drama, it’s probably because you’re alone and feeling sorry for yourself that you don’t have anyone to make a toast with!

heol (HULL— An expression of surprise much like “daebak” but more along the lines of “OMG.” You should deepen your voice for maximum effect.

hoobae (WHO-beh) A younger schoolmate. It also can be used to refer to a coworker who is hired after you. In dramas, a lot of hazing comes with the territory of being the “hoobae.” You’re always stuck paying for coffee or doing other menial tasks for your “sunbae.”

hyung (make sure to pronounce both the H and Y and rhyme with sung— “Older brother” when a younger boy or man is referring to another boy or man who is older. It can be used for anyone that is a close friend and doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re biologically related.

jjang (JAHNG with a hard J sound) — A term that means “the best” or “the greatest.” 

K-drama — Contraction of “Korean” and “drama” that only the truest K-drama fans use. Dont ever be caught saying Korean drama.

K-pop — Contraction of “Korean and “pop” that only true fans use to refer to a type of music that often involves a group of Korean men or women dancing in perfect synchronicity to a catchy tune that won’t leave your brain. As with K-drama, don’t be caught saying “Korean pop”!

The cool dance moves of the popular K-pop boy band INFINITE-H

kimchi (KIM-CHEE) — The national food of Korea that is universally eaten and beloved by all Korean people so much so that they devote entire dramas to the worship of this pickled or fermented cabbage. Although cabbage kimchi is the most common, the Korean people have turned pickling and fermenting of almost every type of vegetable into an art form.

noona (NU-nah) The term for “older sister” that a boy or man calls a girl or woman who is older (the term used by females calling older females is “unnie”). But the term is often used by younger men to refer to an older woman that they like. “Noona romances” are a common storyline in K-dramas, and for some inexplicable reason, three years or eight years older seem to be the magic numbers for the “acceptable” age gap between a young man and a “noona.

oppa (OH-pah) — The term for “older brother” by girls or women referring to a male who is older. The term is used by women to refer to any friend or man who is a few years older, especially by the “third wheel” in a Korean drama who wants to get close to or steal a man away from another woman.

Yo Na (played by Ji Sung, top) finds her ‘oppa’ (played by Park Seo Joon) in ‘Kill Me, Heal Me

ramen (RAHM-yun) — The ubiquitous instant noodles that everybody in K-dramas eats so deliciously!

Jun Ji Hyun makes eating ramen look refined in ‘My Love From the Star

sageuk (SAH-guk)  A Korean historical drama, usually set in the Chosun Dynasty, when the people spoke in a type of Korean thats hard for even Korean people to understand. In most sageuks, theres usually a king or crown prince who is trying to keep from being overthrown.

Some of our favorite sageuks include ‘The King’s Face’ (top) and ‘Secret Door

sunbae (SUN-beh) — A term to refer to someone older who attended the same school but graduated ahead of you. Its a term of respect that everyone who graduated after you from the same school (hoobae) needs to call you. But being a sunbae in Korean dramas carries the burden of being asked for favors, jobs or money.

unnie (UN-nee) — The term for “older sister” that a girl or woman calls someone older. This term is used to refer to someone older who may not necessarily be biologically related to show a close relationship.

Is there a commonly used K-drama word that you think we should add to this list? Let us know in the comments!

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Officially Confirmed: Guess Who Lee Min Ho Is Dating!

It’s earth-shattering news in the Korean entertainment world that has been finally confirmed! Lee Min Ho is officially off the market! His agency confirmed to Korean news sources on March 22 that he is dating Suzy, a member of the K-pop girl group Miss A and star of such popular television dramas as “Gu Family Book” and “Dream High.”

Star House Entertainment released a statement that said: “The two of them started dating about a month ago, and they’re currently careful about their relationship. We hope everyone watches them with warmth.”

JYP Entertainment, the agency representing Suzy, also issued its own statement: “Suzy and Lee Min Ho have been dating for about a month. They’re just carefully starting, so we would be grateful if people look on them warmly.” 

Source: Dispatch of Korea

The Korean news outlet Dispatch is reporting that the two megastars have been in a relationship for a couple of months now and have been going on dates all over the globe. The news agency reports that on March 10, Lee Min Ho flew to Paris for a photo shoot, while Suzy left the same day for London for her own photo shoot. When Lee Min Ho was done, he flew to London on March 15 and picked Suzy up at her hotel. They then checked into London’s Shangri-La Hotel at The Shard at slightly different times and enjoyed three days together out-and-about town, with Lee Min Ho driving them around.

Source: Dispatch of Korea

In Korea, the two have been seen together almost nonstop since February 25, the news agency reports.

Lee Min Ho is a Asian megastar whose popularity spans the globe. Since the popular 2009 television drama “Boys Over Flowers” catapulted him to stardom, he has starred in many other popular films and dramas, including “Personal Taste,” “City Hunter,” “The Great Doctor (aka Faith)” and “Heirs.” He has previously dated Park Min Young, his co-star from “City Hunter,” while Suzy has been linked to a few top stars that were never confirmed.

While millions of Lee Min Ho fans may be a little sad at the news that he is off the market, no one can argue that he and Suzy make a cute couple! We wish the stars the best in their new relationship!

Update: Lee Min Ho’s agency also confirmed that the star will not be enlisting for military service this year due to his busy schedule. He is due to make a comeback in the latter half of this year in a new television drama.

What do you think of the news? Let us know in the comments!

Sources: allkpop, SBS