Top 10 Most Evil Drama Characters of 2014!

Something must have been in the air or in the water this year to make the bad guys in our favorite Asian dramas so deliciously bad! They killed or tried to kill people, they sabotaged, they set fires, they stole husbands, they threw away their own kids, they faked injuries, and they even brutally beat up innocent bystanders! But that was just the beginning of it. They’re cold, heartless, conniving, nasty, vindictive, self-absorbed and just downright malicious.

But if evil characters didn’t exist in our favorite Asian dramas, we wouldn’t have a reason to watch. Evil characters are the necessary foils for our heroes and heroines, giving them the perfect platforms from which the good can shine through and prevail!

This year gave us so many memorable evil drama characters. Here are our favorites for 2014!

Min Jung — Jang Bo Ri Is Here

If there was an “Evil Villain of the Year” drama award, then Yeon Min Jung (played by Lee Yoo Ri) of “Jang Bo Ri Is Here” would take home the Grand Prize for 2014! No other character this year made so many fans scream at their screens quite like Min Jung, and her name was the hottest keyword searched online during the third quarter of 2014. It was reported that when a key plot twist happened in the drama, viewers began to scream and applaud during the original broadcast in Korea at a deafening level usually reserved for the World Cup! So convincingly bad was Min Jung that she was dubbed “the nation’s villain” in Korea. And some people can’t distinguish fact from fiction because while the cast was filming a scene on the streets, a woman in a passing bus yelled at Lee Yoo Ri “that evil bitch”! The incident was caught on video and immediately went viral on Korean YouTube!

To go into all the bad things that Min Jung did would require a novel. But in a nutshell, Min Jung wanted to escape her destitute background so she left her poor mother and lied to get adopted into a life of privilege; she had a baby with her ex-boyfriend but threw the baby away because she didn’t want to be held back; she cheated at work and sabotaged others to get ahead, even taking other people’s handiwork and passing it off as her own; she tried to keep people from finding out who her adopted parents’ real daughter is; and she manipulated her way into marrying a wealthy man, trying to sweet-talk his family, and then got pregnant to keep her man after he found out her real identity. But Min Jung’s reward for all of her bad behavior at the end of the drama is oh-so-sweet!

Yoo Ae Yeon — You’re All Surrounded

They say that a person’s eyes are a window into that person’s soul. If that’s the case, we are truly afraid of Yoo Ae Yeon (played by Moon Hee Kyung), the despicable daughter of a powerful politician in “You’re All Surrounded.” This is the snootiest, most narcissistic person ever to grace dramaland. She treats all the people around her like they were born to serve her hand-and-foot. She uses her money, her father’s power and her privileged position to idle away her days shopping at expensive stores, exercising at the most prestigious health club, and spending time with her equally snobbish friends.

But on occasions when she needs to expel some of her murderous bad temper, she also uses her money, her father’s power and her privileged position to make sure that she gets away with it. The law is beneath her, and she doesn’t have to abide by it! We hope to never cross paths with a woman like her, or she will beat the living daylights out of us for sport — but not before forcing us to sign a legal waiver holding her unaccountable! Scary!

Lee Jae Kyung — My Love From the Star

We all hope that we never have a sibling like Lee Jae Kyung (played by Shin Sung Rok) in “My Love From the Star”! So deep was his “father loved you best” complex with his older brother, Lee Han Kyung (played by Yeon Woo Jin), that Jae Kyung became a terrifying, deranged lunatic who keeps killing or trying to kill people to cover up his wrongdoings.

Not only did he poison his own older brother and his girlfriend, Han Yoo Ra (played by Yu In Young), he even locked up his ex-wife in a mental institution when she started getting suspicious of him! When our heroine, Cheon Song Yi (played by Jun Ji Hyun), also became suspicious, he ordered his minions to trash her apartment, stage accidents on her film set and cut the brakes on her car! He’s definitely not a one-trick pony — he has lots of evil artillery in his expansive repertoire!

Huan Huan — Fall in Love With Me

A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do to get her man, you know what I’m saying? Li Huan Huan (played by Beatrice Fang) has an angelic face and an outwardly sweet disposition, but the devil in her tells her to do and say whatever she has to to guilt Lu Tian Xing (played by Aaron Yan) into staying by her side in Fall in Love With Me.” Huan Huan knows she has formidable competition in Tao Le Si (played by Tia Li) for Tian Xing’s heart, so she brings her “A” game to get Tian Xing to marry her over Le Si.

That “A” game is to make Tian Xing believe that he was responsible for the car accident that put her in a wheelchair. When she later discovers that her legs are recovered — oh, look, she can use them just fine! — she wants to keep that little secret to herself so that Tian Xing won’t dare leave her and go running to Le Si! But when Huan Huan finds out that Le Si and Tian Xing want to elope, she sends her mother’s henchmen after them to put a stop to it! Just let him go, sweetie! He never loved you!

Gyo Chae Yeon — Birth of a Beauty

To be a true drama villain, you have to master that evil stare-down! You know that look — that piercing glare that feels like laser beams will dart out of their eyes and kill you! Gyo Chae Yeon (played by Wang Ji Hye) is the queen of the evil stare-down in “Birth of a Beauty.” She is a selfish woman who openly has an affair with Lee Kang Joon (played by Jung Gyu Woon) even though she knows he is a married man and takes him away from his wife. She then witnesses him cause the accident that supposedly kills his wife but does nothing about it and then tries to use that knowledge to keep him by her side. After she marries him and he again strays with another woman, she acts like the enraged wife who can’t palate her just desserts and plans all kinds of vengeful things to get back at her husband and the other woman. But it’s hard to feel sorry for her when she gives us that evil stare-down!

Kang Dong Seok — Big Man

You can’t fault a man for having a bad heart. Or his parents for wanting to do everything they can to help their son get the heart transplant he needs in order to live in “Big Man.” But you can fault the man and his family if they think they are above the law, or too wealthy and powerful to wait for a suitable donor to materialize like everyone else in their situation. The parents of Kang Dong Seok (played by Daniel Choi) decide they will “create” a family member who can donate a heart by finding an orphan who is a match for Dong Seok. When Dong Seok wakes up in the hospital to learn that he now has a “long-lost older brother” that he can’t get rid of and a media frenzy that won’t let him take his heart, he pretends to be a caring younger brother to his face while plotting a way to frame him or kill him — whichever can happen first! Dong Seok’s insincere, two-faced smirk — through those pursed, gorgeous lips — is truly evil!

Lee Joong Goo — Hotel King

It’s almost expected in business to be cutthroat, conniving and ruthless — especially in the massive conglomerate world of K-dramas! But Lee Joong Goo (played by Lee Deok Hwa) takes competitiveness to a whole new level in “Hotel King.” He takes in a young boy off the streets, tells him he is the son of Chairman Ah, the owner of the luxurious Hotel Ciel, just so he can groom the boy to seek revenge against his biggest competitor! Now, that is patient business planning! He then knocks off Chairman Ah and makes it look like suicide; tries to frame his own protégé, Cha Jae Wan (played by Lee Dong Wook), for leaking private hotel information; tries to steal the hotel away from the chairman’s daughter, Ah Mo Ne (played by Lee Da Hae); and takes people hostage and runs away rather than be caught for his crimes! If this type of man turns out to be your father, what would you do?

Song Cha Ok — Pinocchio

Some people are just missing the maternal chromosome from their genetic makeup. Song Cha Ok (played by Jin Kyung) is so consumed by her career as a broadcast journalist, she lives and breathes her job and ignores her husband and daughter in the currently airing drama “Pinocchio.” When her husband calls her to tell her he’s leaving her and taking their daughter, she just accepts the news like someone just confirmed her lunch order and goes back to her reporting duties.

But it’s Cha Ok’s demeanor on the job that is truly scary. She will fabricate, twist, turn and misrepresent the information she is covering to make it more dramatic, heart-wrenching and powerful. She will go buy a baby shoe and pretend she found it among the wreckage of an accident. When other reporters are standing knee-deep in a flood, she will get down on her knees to make it look like the water is up to her chest! She has no guilt about ruining an entire family with her twisted words as long as she got a good news story out of it! She even rejects her own daughter, Choi In Ha (played by Park Shin Hye), for a job but then brings her to work with her only as a publicity stunt. She has no maternal instincts toward In Ha at all and is even quick to want to fire her when she no longer seems useful! Truly mean, cold and heartless!

Yang Joo Hee  — Trot Lovers

And then, of course, there’s this kind of mother! The kind that would do whatever it takes to help her her own daughter get ahead, even if she lacks true talent! Yang Joo Hee (played by Kim Hye Ri) is that kind of manipulative, calculating mother in “Trot Lovers.” Years ago, when she herself was a trainee, Joo Hee did unspeakable things to get rid of her toughest competition and make sure that she succeeded instead. Now that she’s an executive in the entertainment company where her own daughter, Park Soo In (played by Lee Se Young), is a trainee, Joo Hee uses the same methods to get rid of her daughter’s toughest competition! Paying people off, creating false scandals, perpetuating hurtful rumors, covering up her daughter’s crimes and pinning it on someone else — nothing is beyond this stage mother’s abilities!

King Yeong Jo — Secret Door

I’m sure if we were suddenly made king of a vast empire, we too would get so drunk by the idea of power that we would do whatever it takes to keep it! King Yeong Jo (played by Han Suk Kyu) is so thirsty for power, he plots to poison his own older brother and assassinates him so that he can succeed the throne in “Secret Door.” He then becomes a nervous king who tries to guard his power because he’s always afraid someone will take it away from him. He does everything in his power to prevent a document that proves his role in the overthrow of his older brother’s government from seeing the light of day, even killing off the people who know about its existence!

The King wants to groom his son, Prince Sado (played by Lee Je Hoon), to become ruler, but when Prince Sado wants to make government service opportunities equitable for all the citizens, the King will have none of that and takes his power away again. In the end, the King punishes Prince Sado in the most horrific way that will haunt you for a very long time! Was King Yeong Jo a conflicted ruler who just did what he had to do at the time? We’ll never really know!

Which evil drama character was your favorite this year? Let us know in the comments!

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Happy Birthday to Japan’s Hot Young Star — Yuki Furukawa!

With his boyish good looks and innocent charm, it’s no wonder Yuki Furukawa has managed to capture the hearts of countless fans around the world. Although it’s only been three years since the Japanese actor made his screen debut in the high school drama “Asuko March,” Yuki has already established himself as a major force in the J-drama world. In honor of Yuki’s 27th birthday today, let’s take a closer look at the life and career of one of Japan’s finest exports.

Considering he was born in Tokyo and raised in Vancouver and New York, Yuki’s universal appeal should come as no surprise. Perhaps the most obvious benefit of this global upbringing is his fluency in both Japanese and English. If you’d like to hear Yuki’s velvety voice on full display, check out his “ALS Ice Bucket Challenge” video from earlier this year. His powerful English-speaking voice makes him even sexier!

Speaking of Yuki’s good looks and charisma, did you know that he got into acting after winning a popularity contest at his school? That’s right! In 2009, while attending Keio University in Tokyo, Yuki was crowned “Mr. Keio,” the title awarded to the most handsome and popular man on campus. Looking to capitalize on his appeal, the talent agency Horipro invited Yuki to an acting audition for its 50th anniversary and the rest, as they say, is history.

These GIFs make it pretty obvious why Yuki Furukawa was voted ‘Mr. Keio’

Yuki’s breakthrough role came in the 2013 Japanese drama “Mischievous Kiss: Love in TOKYO” where he played the lead role of Naoki Irie, the aloof genius who softens when he falls in love with his polar opposite. Thanks in large part to Yuki’s stellar performance, the show has proven to be extremely popular with fans all over the world and has spawned a sequel, the currently airing hit “Mischievous Kiss 2: Love in TOKYO.”

Coincidentally, all of the actors who play his family members in “Mischievous Kiss 2: Love in TOKYO” also are December babies!

Koura Kazumasa, who plays Naoki's father, turns 47 on December 18
Tomomi Nishimura, the actress who portrays Naoki's mother, will be 44 on December 17
Yuga Aizawa, who plays Naoki's younger brother, turned 12 on December 2

Happy birthday to Yuki Furukawa, who manages to dazzle us at every turn, and the rest of his drama family! Yuki really is an actor on the rise and it certainly won’t be long until the whole world appreciates his immense talent and charm.

What’s your favorite Yuki Furukawa moment? Let us know in the comments!

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The Biggest Celebrity Scandals of 2014!

For all of us die-hard Hallyu fans, there were many moments this year when our hearts were ripped out of our chests and tormented with that sinking “say it isn’t so” feeling. Some of our favorite stars became embroiled in controversy, either by their own doing or because of the actions triggered by others. In either case, fans were devastated by the news and were glued to news sources for updates on the events as they unfolded. With legions of Hallyu fans all over the world — and growing everyday! — controversies in the Korean entertainment industry have a ripple effect far beyond the borders of Korea.

Here are the major celebrity scandals that shook us up this year — and changed the way we relate to these celebrities in big and small ways!

Kim Hyung Joong’s Girlfriend Files Assault Charges

WHO: Kim Hyung Joong, popular Korean singer and actor of such major television hits as “Inspiring Generation,” “Playful Kiss” and “Boys Over Flowers

WHAT HAPPENED: On August 20, the star’s ex-girlfriend, identified only as “A,” filed assault charges against him. “A” claimed that the two have been dating since April 2012, but on two occasions in May and July of this year, Kim Hyung Joong allegedly assaulted her in his home in eastern Seoul when they supposedly argued about other women, resulting in the ex-girlfriend sustaining bruises in May and broken ribs that required six weeks of medical treatment in July.

THE AFTERMATH: Kim at first denied the charges and claimed that the two had only been dating for a few months and had already broken up. But news agencies got a hold of text messages exchanged by the two and injury photos that seemed to support the ex-girlfriend’s version of the story. During police questioning on September 2, Kim Hyung Joong admitted that he did hit his ex-girlfriend on one occasion, but not on multiple occasions.Whether an assault happened only once or more than once, the damage has already been done to Kim Hyung Joong’s gentle, boy-next-door reputation, leaving many fans shocked and disappointed. After Kim Hyung Joong posted an official apology to his ex-girlfriend on his website on September 15 and apologized to her in person, she dropped the assault charges against him on September 17. The ex-girlfriend denied receiving any settlement money to drop the charges, claiming she just wanted a formal apology from the star.

Two Women’s Attempt to Blackmail Lee Byung Hun Goes Terribly Wrong

Lee Byung Hun (left), Dahee (middle) and Lee Ji Yeon (right)

WHO: Lee Byung Hun, a world-famous actor who has appeared in popular dramas like “IRIS” and major Hollywood films like the “G.I. Joe” franchise and “RED 2”; Dahee, a member of the K-pop girl group GLAM who appeared in the drama “Monstar”; Lee Ji Yeon, a model

WHAT HAPPENED: Dahee and Lee Ji Yeon video recorded a sexually explicit conversation with Lee Byung Hun. They threatened to release to the video to the media unless the actor paid them 5 billion, which is equivalent to roughly $4.5 million. Instead of giving into their demands, Lee Byung Hun reported the blackmail attempt to the Gangnam Police Department on August 28.

THE AFTERMATH: The women admitted to the wrongdoing and are now in the process of going through the legal system. The first trial was held on October 16, during which Lee Ji Yeon claimed she had a three-month relationship with Lee Byung Hun and said she decided to blackmail him out of anger when he allegedly told her that he wanted to stop seeing her. The second trial took place on November 24. The third trial took place on December 16, during which the prosecution asked for three-year jail sentences for both Dahee and Lee Ji Yeon while the women’s defense team asked the court for leniency. We’ll have to see how the sentencing pans out! Meanwhile, some fans were concerned about Lee Byung Hun’s marriage to the popular young actress Lee Min Jung (of “Cunning Single Lady” and “All About My Romance”), whom he married on August 10, 2013.

Girls’ Generation Drops Jessica — The Ouster Heard Around the World!

WHO: Jessica Jung, one of the nine members of the popular K-pop girl group Girls’ Generation who has appeared in the drama “Wild Romance”; sister of Krystal of f(x), who starred in the popular drama “She’s So Lovable” with Rain

WHAT HAPPENED: In what The Wall Street Journal’s blog called a “K-Pop Earthquake,” Jessica posted on a China-based social media site on September 29 that she was “devastated” to learn that she has been “forced out” of Girls’ Generation, and reaction to the news caused a social media frenzy.

THE AFTERMATH: SM Entertainment released an official statement that confirmed that Jessica will no longer be a part of Girls’ Generation moving forward. The agency stated that Jessica informed the agency last spring that she intended to end her involvement with Girls’ Generation after one more album to pursue other personal projects. She then started her fashion label, BLANC (which was later rebranded to BLANC & ECLARE), allegedly without securing the agency’s approval. When negotiations broke down between the agency and Jessica over “differences in priorities and interest,” the agency said it had “no choice but to pull up Girls’ Generation’s activities as 8 members earlier than planned.” The scandal hasn’t hurt Jessica’s career at all, as she continues to be a popular endorsement model and seems to be keeping busy with her new business ventures.

Kris and Luhan (of EXO) Files Lawsuit Against SM Enterainment

Kris (left) and Luhan (right)

WHO: Kris and Luhan, two of the members of the popular K-pop group EXO

WHAT HAPPENED: First Kris filed a lawsuit on May 15 to withdraw from his exclusive contract with SM Entertainment. Then on October 10, fellow bandmate Luhan filed a similar suit, using the same law firm to represent him. In his lawsuit, Luhan claimed unequal treatment and allocation of resources by the agency for EXO-K and EXO-M and deteriorating health due to their grueling schedules. EXO debuted in 2011 with a unique concept, with its 12 members divided into two six-member subgroups of EXO-K (performing in Korean) and EXO-M (performing in Mandarin). Both Kris and Luhan were members of the EXO-M subgroup. Luhan claimed that SM Entertainment provided much more support and promotion to the members of EXO-K.

THE AFTERMATH: The high-profile lawsuits may signal a new era of K-pop artists feeling emboldened to fight for more fair contract terms, working conditions and personal freedom (see below for news about artists dating and getting married!). For SM Entertainment, this is just the latest in a long string of public departures in recent years, including JYJ, Hangeng of Super Junior and Jessica of Girls’ Generation. Other artists are following suit to fight for more fair contract terms, most notably B.A.P, which made news over the Thanksgiving holiday when all six members filed a lawsuit against their agency, TS Entertainment, to nullify what the group calls a “slave contract.”

Sungmin of Super Junior Announces His Plans to Marry!

Sungmin with his bride, Kim Sa Eun

WHO: Sungmin, one of the 12 members of the popular K-pop boy band Super Junior

WHAT HAPPENED: A wedding announcement shouldn’t be considered a “scandal” — should it? Well, it can be if you’re a part of an industry where marriage — and dating, for that matter! — is frowned upon because it can diminish your fan base and marketability. So when Sungmin of Super Junior was rumored to be getting married, he felt the need to issue a public apology letter! In it, he stated: “Everyone, I have met a great person and I will be getting married on December 13. My heart aches as I think of everyone who must have been very shocked and surprised about the sudden news.” Sungmin’s star-studded wedding to Kim Sa Eun, a musical theater actress, on December 13 at a private wedding hall in Seoul received widespread coverage by the media.

THE AFTERMATH: Whether or not to divulge a celebrity relationship has been a bit of a cat-and-mouse game, with individuals and their agencies responding to a particular relationship rumor only when the cat is out of the bag. As more and more celebrities openly talk about their relationships and marriage plans, we hope that the stigma about relationships can be removed and celebrities — like the rest of the world — can have a more normal personal life!

Sulli of f(x) and Choiza of Dynamic Duo Dating Controversy

WHO: Sulli, one of the five members of the popular K-pop girl group f(x), who also has acted in “To the Beautiful You

WHAT HAPPENED: Since the fall of 2013, rumors have been going around that Sulli was dating rapper Choiza of the hip-hop group Dynamic Duo. After numerous denials over the past year, SM Entertainment finally confirmed that the two are dating, but the delayed response in acknowledging the relationship angered many fans. Because Sulli also went on hiatus around the same time, allegedly because of the friction caused by her dating with her agency, fans also were worried that the scandal could put f(x) in jeopardy, fueling fears of the group’s disbandment.

THE AFTERMATH:  To divulge or not to divulge — that is the question! Whenever dating rumors about a Korean celebrity surface, they often are labeled as “dating scandals.” It appears that the act of dating among K-pop idols and celebrities is considered scandalous — on some levels unacceptable and shameful. It’s no secret that idols are considered much more marketable when they are single and unattached. But more and more celebrities have been more forthright and open about their relationships in recent years.

Park Bom’s ‘Drug Smuggling’ Controversy

WHO: Park Bom, the lead vocalist for the K-pop girl group 2NE1

WHAT HAPPENED: Back on October 12, 2010, Park Bom’s family members tried to received a package on her behalf of 82 amphetamine pills through FedEx from the United States, but the package was caught by customs at Incheon International Airport. Although it happened four years ago, news outlets learned of the incident in June of this year. Amphetamines, a central nervous system stimulant,  are available by prescription in the United States but are banned in Korea. Because Park Bom was trying to receive a drug that is illegal in Korea, the act was labeled as “smuggling.” However, prosecutors investigating the case four years ago interviewed Park Bom and her family and decided not to press charges, making citizens wonder today if she received special treatment due to her celebrity status.

THE AFTERMATH: After the news broke, Yang Hyun Suk, CEO of YG Entertainment, issued a statement explaining that Park Bom had been taking amphetamines prescribed by a U.S. university hospital after she experienced a childhood trauma while playing soccer. Because of Park Bom’s busy music schedule, she was unable to travel to the United States to refill her prescription and tried to have it delivered to Korea. Yang said that Park Bom knew that the drug was not available in Korea but did not realize that trying to have it delivered there would constitute a crime. Since the scandal broke earlier this year, Yang Hyun Suk said that Park Bom has switched medication to one that is prescribed by a hospital in Korea. YG Entertainment also issued a statement saying that she is taking time to “self-reflect” and will not be participating in some upcoming domestic events.

Kang Ji Hwan’s Photo Scandal in the Philippines

WHO: Kang Ji Hwan, a popular South Korean actor who starred in the hit television dramas “Big Man,” “Incarnation of Money” and “Lie to Me,” as well as films such as “Rough Cut

WHAT HAPPENED: Kang Ji Hwan became embroiled in controversy on July 11 when photos of the actor in bed with a woman in the Philippines was posted on the Internet, making some people speculate whether he visited a prostitute there. The woman posted pictures of herself and a sleeping Kang Ji Hwan on her Facebook page with the words “…together sleep with Korean actor mr. ji hwan kang.

THE AFTERMATH: Kang Ji Hwan’s representatives were quick to offer an explanation. The reps stated that the actor traveled to the Philippines on July 10 for a photo shoot for Sure magazine, and the photos were taken as a joke by his tour guide’s wife. In the uncensored photos, the woman is taking selfies of herself with Kang Ji Hwan supposedly sleeping in the background, but both are clothed. The woman went back on Facebook and posted “…very sorry only edited pictures hope you can forgive me because his my idol sorry again…” Although Kang Ji Hwan was supposed to stay in the Philippines until July 13, he immediately left the country the evening of July 11 after the scandal broke.

Song Hye Kyo Accused of Tax Evasion

WHO: Song Hye Kyo, a popular South Korean actress well known for starring in “That Winter, The Wind Blows” and many other television shows and films, including John Woo’s film “The Crossing” released December 2

WHAT HAPPENED: Song Hye Kyo found herself under fire when it was revealed on August 18 that she is “top star ‘S’” that the National Tax Service and the Board of Audit and Inspection have been investigating for tax evasion. The federal agencies claimed that Song Hye Kyo failed to report a total of 2.557 billion, which is equivalent to approximately $2.5 million, in income from 2009 to 2011.

THE AFTERMATH: After an investigation, Song Hye Kyo promptly paid the back taxes plus the penalty and issued an apology. Her law firm and representatives issued a statement saying that the actress was not at fault and that the accountants who were handling her taxes have been fired. At a press conference for her new movie “My Brilliant Life” on August 21 and in many interviews since, Song Hye Kyo herself bowed deeply to the public and made her own apologies over the incident, saying she takes full responsibility for what happened but blamed it on her ignorance.

New Girl Group Lovelyz ‘Malicious Online Rumors’ Sex Scandal!

WHO: Jisoo (Seo Ji Soo), one of the eight members of Woollim Entertainment’s first K-pop girl group, Lovelyz

WHAT HAPPENED: On November 3, Woollim Entertainment issued its first teaser video in anticipation of debuting its first girl group, Lovelyz. But almost immediately, one of the eight members, 20-year-old Jisoo, became embroiled in “malicious online rumors” that she bullied and sexually assaulted several women she dated in the past and even took nude photos and videos of her then-girlfriends and distributed them without their consent.

THE AFTERMATH: Woollim Entertainment immediately responded to these online rumors and threatened to take legal action against the original perpetrator of the rumors. It has been reported that investigators have been able to identify the perpetrator, and the case is working its way through the legal system. Meanwhile, Jisoo was admitted to the hospital for treatment for “mental shock” and has not participated in the girl group’s pre-debut and debut activities. She was released from the hospital on November 20 and went to stay with her parents. Woollim says that Jisoo will join the group as soon as she is able.

Which scandal from this year shocked you the most? Let us know in the comments!

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