5 Reasons to Love Birthday Boy George Hu!

Hot Taiwanese star George Hu celebrates his 32nd birthday on July 24! His popularity continues to grow each day, and he even came in second place behind Puff Guo in the Viki #WorldCup2014 Celebrity Bracket: Overall Favorite Star. Check out these five reasons to love him even more!

He Is Fluent in 3 Languages – Taiwanese, Mandarin and English

George was born and raised in New York City to parents of Taiwanese descent. After signing a contract in March 2005, he moved to Taiwan to pursue an acting career. Since he spoke few words and couldn’t read or write in Chinese, he spent his first year learning the language and memorizing the lines to his first drama, “Emerald on the Roof.”

The ‘Emerald on the Roof’ cast (left to right): George Hu, Sun Li, Yvonne Yao, Wallace Huo

He Has Secret 6-Pack Abs (Ladies, This Is for You!)

George wasn’t always known for having a great body. He only started training to resemble a championship swimmer for his role as a swimming captain in the 2009 Taiwanese drama “ToGetHer” with Rainie Yang. We’d say his hard work definitely paid off!

He Knows How to Defend Himself and Protect Others!

At age 7, George began training in Chinese martial arts at the New York Wutang Chinese Martial Arts Institute. His mother was a huge influence on getting him involved because she had martial arts training herself. He participated in and received first place in several martial arts competitions. By age 17, he was appointed as an instructor at Wutang.

George meditating side-by-side with Annie on the set of ‘Love, Now

He Is College Educated With a Degree from St. John’s University

In 2004, George graduated from St. John’s University in Queens, New York, with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Graphic Design. Shortly thereafter, he was scouted and asked to audition for a talent agency due to his boyish good looks and model height while he was visiting family and friends in Taiwan.

George Hu is pictured here modeling for MILK magazine

He Can Sing and Play Musical Instruments

With talents like these, get ready for romantic nights and serenades from George Hu! Well, we can dream, right? In his spare time, George enjoys playing the viola and electric guitar. His skills were put to the test after his first leading role in Taiwanese drama “K.O. 3an Guo.” He and his co-stars formed a five-member boy band called “Wu Hu Jiang,” or “Tiger Team” in English.

Watch him sing “Kiss Me” in English below.

Let’s all wish the happiest of birthdays to George Hu! What were you surprised to learn about the birthday boy? Feel free to share your love for George in the comments!

7 Crazy Drama Plots You Have to See to Believe!

We all know that we have to suspend a little bit of disbelief when watching dramas. I mean, all the lead characters are drop-dead gorgeous, surgeons are in their early 20s, and it takes half the series for characters to learn that they’re in love with the same woman/man or that the person in front of them is their long-lost father/mother/sibling. Am I right?

But the following dramas take crazy plots and storylines to a whole new level. We’ve deliberately excluded the time travel/body swap story lines because this blog would turn into a novel. The following series, though far-fetched, are so good that you won’t be able to divert your eyes for a second! 

Here are seven dramas with crazy storylines that you have to watch to believe:

Big Man — Adopt a Man to Steal His Heart, Literally!

Super-rich people can do some scary things! They can make some Joe Blow off the street believe he’s their long-lost son because they want to harvest his heart. But when the street-savvy man proves to be a “mudfish” that the rich family then can’t get rid of, they may realize too late that they messed with the wrong guy! This is Korean drama suspense at its best!

Chairman Kang (played by Eom Hyo Seop) plots a dangerous game with innocent people!

Fall in Love With Me —Put on Glasses and No One Knows Who You Are!

When an obnoxious but brilliant CEO of an advertising agency decides to take a three-month break to get his mojo back, he is forced to take on a new identity. Just by combing his hair forward, wearing colorful clothes and putting on glasses, the guy fools everyone around him with his two identities. And when circumstances require both identities to be in the same place, the guy runs around like a madman changing clothes —but no one ever catches him!

Tian Xing transforms into Xiao Lu (both played by Aaron Yan) with a few easy tricks!

I Will Never Say Goodbye — Falling in Love With the Same Woman Over and Over!

A man blows into town, seduces a pretty woman, and promises to return for her. But the woman ends up pregnant and finds out later that the man is already engaged to another woman! To get her revenge, the wronged woman transforms herself into many different disguises. And the man falls in love with every one of the woman’s disguises and doesn’t know that it’s the same woman! Does he need glasses?

Juan (played by Luis Caballero) seduces the pretty Maki (played by Paola Toyos) and then breaks his promises.

Grandpas Over Flowers Investigation Team —Age 50 Years After a Dip in Water!

“Flower boy” (pretty boy) police detectives — at the height of their youth and good looks — investigate the case of missing businessmen that leads them to an old factory building. Inside, they discover two old men chained inside a giant aquarium with tags that say they’re in their 20s! When the four detectives all jump into the tank to try to rescue the men, three of them emerge having aged 50 years! We cried, too, when Choi Jin Hyuk turned into an old man!

Are these former pretty boy detectives doomed to live as grandpas forever?

Two Fathers — Two Educated Men Who Have Never Heard of a Paternity Test

A woman calls two ex-boyfriends and tells each that she’s having a baby and she doesn’t know which is the father. At the hospital, she leaves a note saying she’s leaving her newborn daughter in their care because she doesn’t want to give up her life. Once the men see the baby girl, they fall instantly in love with her and each claims to be the father. The next thing you know, they’re living together and raising the girl as two loving fathers. Yep, definitely makes sense —because that’s what we would all do in a situation like this.

A paternity test would have been so much simpler, no?

Wonderful Days —This Family Tree Has Many Strange Branches!

This Korean family drama takes four generations of a blended family to a highly entertaining, unbelievable level. Living under one roof are an invalid grandfather who makes everyone in the family clean up his poop; a long-suffering matriarch whose absent, philandering husband left her to care for his invalid father as well as their two sons and mentally handicapped daughter — and the son of his mistress; the missing husband’s twin brothers, who are both confirmed bachelors; twin 9-year-olds who think they’re the youngest children of the 65-year-old matriarch but are actually the children of the youngest son, whose wife left him after having the twins; and the son of the oldest son, who is 11 but is forced to call the 9-year-old twins his “aunt” and “uncle.” And did we mention that the missing husband’s mistress also lives in the house because she had nowhere to go after the husband left her, too — and she and the wronged wife share the same bed? Got that? Good.

The good-hearted matriarch (played by Yoon Yeo Jung) is everything to everybody in this crazy family!

A Hundred Years’ Inheritance —Torture Your Daughter-in-Law, Try to Lock Her Up in An Insane Asylum, Frame Her for Adultery and Then Try to Woo Her Back Because Your Son Can’t Live Without Her …

Yep, that pretty much sums up the crazy life that Chae Won (played by Eugene) has to endure while married to Chul Kyu (played by Choi Won Young) from her certifiably evil mother-in-law. But even after she summons the courage to divorce her husband, Chae Won can’t get rid of her crazy in-laws!

Chae Won (played by Eugene) lives through hell with her mother-in-law, but she won’t let her go after the divorce!
Which crazy drama plots were your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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Say What? 8 Bizarre Asian Expressions Decoded!

Have you ever watched an Asian drama and scratched your head wondering, “What did she just say?” or “What does that mean?” Well, you’re not alone!

Oftentimes, the dialogue in your favorite drama makes references to common sayings or idioms that only people from that same culture may understand. Here’s a handy run-down of some bizarre sayings that have appeared recently in our favorite dramas and what they mean!

Can We Love: “Do you think I avoid poop because I’m afraid of it?”

In Episode 17 of the Korean drama “Can We Love,” Ji Hyun’s evil mother-in-law (played by Lim Ye Jin) ransacks Ji Hyun’s room and says, “Do you think I avoid poop because I’m afraid of it?” The comment refers to a common Korean saying that you don’t avoid dog poop because you’re afraid of it — but because it smells! In essence, the mother-in-law is telling Ji Hyun that she’s no better than dog poop and she’s in for a fight in Ji Hyun’s divorce from her son!

You’re All Surrounded: “You don’t catch and eat the house rabbit.”

In Episode 12 of the currently airing drama “You’re All Surrounded,” Soo Sun runs into Pan Seok while out bike riding, and they share a snack together afterward. When Pan Seok asks Soo Sun if she and Dae Gu are dating, she vehemently denies it. She says her mother told her before she left her hometown of Masan to come to Seoul that “You don’t catch and eat the house rabbit,” meaning that you should never date anyone from work.

You’re All Surrounded and Wonderful Days: “Your stool is very thick.”

When Dae Gu refuses to answer a question that Pan Seok asks in Episode 13 of “You’re All Surrounded,” Pan Seok says a Korean expression that literally translates to “your stool is very thick.” But because it’s a difficult expression to translate and can mean a few different things all at once, this drama translates it as: “You’re such an a--.”

But in Episode 4 of the family drama “Wonderful Days,” when Dong Hee uses the same expression while arguing with his grandfather, it is translated here as: “Your sh— is big,” meaning “you think you’re better than me” or “you’re such a smarta--.” Because there’s no direct translation into English, both translations can be considered OK to capture a portion of the expression’s obviously sarcastic meaning.

Jang Bo Ri Is Here — “Have you ever caught and eaten a tiger?”

In Episode 23 of “Jang Bo Ri Is Here,” Chan Woo (played by Kim Ji Hoon) rushes to a restaurant after getting a call from his father saying there’s an emergency, but the ruse ends up being a set-up for an unexpected blind date. Caught off guard, Chan Woo makes it clear to the woman that he has absolutely no interest in a blind date with her. The woman tries to reassure him and asks him to sit down because she’s not going to “eat” (hurt) him. Chan Woo responds, “Have you ever caught and eaten a tiger?” He means that she doesn’t know what she’s up against (she would never be able to catch, let alone eat, a tiger), and he has no intention of cooperating with this forced blind date.

Wonderful Days — “So good that you won’t even know if the person you’re eating with dies!”

In Episode 2 of “Wonderful Days,” the Korean expression that “If two people eat and one person dies, you won’t know” is used. It means that something tastes so good that you won’t even notice anything around you — even if the person next to you falls over and dies! Dong Hee hears street vendors yelling out this expression as they’re trying to sell sweet potatoes, but he’s so preoccupied with his own thoughts that he doesn’t pay attention.

Big Man — “Sometimes even dog poo can become medicine.”

Proving that Korean dramas love their expressions involving poop, another one such saying is used in  Episode 3 of “Big Man.” Mi Ra asks her boss, Sang Ho, why Ji Hyuk was named president of one of the company’s divisions when he has no experience and is not qualified. Sang Ho responds, “Sometimes even dog poo can become medicine,” meaning that even something trivial can prove its value when necessary. The exchange alludes to the fact that the chairman has his reason for making Ji Hyuk president that could prove very useful in the end!

A New Leaf — “Clear out a ditch and catch a crawfish.”

In Episode 15 of “A New Leaf,” Seok Joo asks his best friend, Sang Tae, why he keeps coming to Seok Joo’s new office to help out when they don’t work together anymore. To which Sang Tae replies, “Clear out a ditch and catch a crawfish” and “Seeing lover while picking up mulberry leaves.” Both expressions mean to kill two birds with one stone. Sang Tae is happy to help out his best friend while also being able to see Prosecutor Lee, whom he has a crush on.

Trot Lovers — “Snake’s going to come out!”

In Episode 5 of the currently airing drama “Trot Lovers,” Joon Hyun is so happy when Chun Hee passes her first music challenge from their talent agency that he whistles while they walk home. Chun Hee tells Joon Hyun that the “snake’s going to come out” because of his whistling, meaning that whistling is bad luck because it’ll conjure snakes.

Which expression is your favorite? What others have you seen on Viki that you would like to have explained? Let us know!

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Guess Which Star Viki Is Bringing to KCON?!

This year’s KCON 2014 promises to be the biggest and best conference yet for K-pop and Hallyu fans, and Viki will be right in the thick of it. Joining Viki and reporting “live” from the red carpet will be none other than K-pop star Eric Nam

The event — the largest gathering for K-pop and Hallyu fans in North America — will be held August 9-10 at the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena.

We’re super excited that the “After School Club” star has agreed to host Viki TV at KCON. Even if you can’t make it to the event, you’ll get the scoop from some of your favorite stars, such as Girls’ Generation, CNBLUE, Lee Seung Gi, IU and more! 

Want to meet Eric Nam in person? Come to one of our two “Selfie Station” sessions with Eric at the Viki KCON booth. Stay tuned for more details! 

Watch Eric Nam with Mark and Jackson from GOT7 below!

Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to meet Eric Nam or watch him host the exciting event on Viki TV!

Join Viki at KCON 2014!

Were excited to announce that Viki will be attending the KCON 2014, the largest fan convention in North America for K-pop and all things Hallyu. The event will be held August 9-10 at the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena.

Viki will have a big booth with a fun photo station, lounge, surprise guest visits and raffle prize giveaways for Viki merchandise and signed swag. Spot one of our street team members to win a free month of Viki Pass so you can binge watch all your favorite Korean dramas ad-free this summer.

Viki also will host the panel “How K-Dramas Worldwide Influence Food, Fashion and Fans on Saturday, August 9, from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m. with special guest panelists Dramabeans and K-drama actor Sean Richard (Feast of the Gods, Jejoongwon, Take Care of Us, Captain). 

Stay tuned for a special announcement about what Vikis planning with a very hot K-pop guest at KCON this year! :) 

Find Out Who Won Our #WorldCup2014 Celebrity Bracket!

Regardless of how you felt about the winner of the thrilling final game of the 2014 FIFA World Cup, get excited about the results of Viki’s #WorldCup2014 Celebrity Bracket! After weeks of anticipation, we have the results for your Overall Favorite Star!

The final match featured celebrities who got the most votes from the previous brackets:

Week 1: Drama Leading LadiesPuff Guo
Week 2: Young Male HottiesJasper Liu
Week 3: Telenovela QueensBlanca Soto
Week 4: Tall and Handsome MenGeorge Hu

So who took the crown for “Viki #WorldCup2014 Overall Favorite Star”? Congratulations to ... Puff Guo! She beat the competition with 51 percent of the votes! See why this Taiwanese actress is so irresistible by watching her recent shows “Love Myself or You,” “Just You” and “We Got Married Global Edition Season 2.”

Thanks, everyone, for casting your votes and following along! Did your choice take our celebrity bracket? Let us know!

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