Celebrating Mothers & Movies

Today is Mother's Day in many countries around the world. The earliest tribute to mothers dates back to annual Greek festivals, but celebrated as an official holiday in the United States nearly 105 years ago. To help honor mothers, you can watch some of these titles, which highlight the love, wisdom (and nagging :) that are universal to mothers everywhere.

Under the Bombs(تحت القصف taht alqasf‎) is an award-winning independent Lebanese film about a mother who will do whatever it takes to find her missing son during a time of war. Zeina Nasrueddi is a Lebanese Muslim who has been living in Dubai. When marital troubles arise, she sends her son to spend the summer with her sister in Lebanon. When the war breaks out, she travels to Lebanon and convinces a taxi driver to join her on the incredibly risky journey to find her son and sister. The film was nominated for the Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival and won both the Alternative Vision Award and EIUC Award at the Venice Film Festival. This is available for US and Canada.

Under the Bombs

Bravo my Life (사랑해 말순씨) is the story about the life and relationships of a mother and son, starring Moon So-Ri, Lee Jae-Eung and Yoon Jin-Seo. The story begins in October 1979 with the news of President Park’s assassination. While the son's father is in Saudi Arabia Gwang-ho's mother, Mal-sun devotes everything to her children, despite suffering from a nagging illness. This title is available worldwide except for a few countries.

Bravo My Life

Kath and Kim is the American adaptation of the Australian hit comedy series, starring Molly Shannon and Selma Blair as the hilarious and iconoclastic mother-daughter duo. When Kath's spoiled grown-up daughter moves back home and announces she is getting a divorce, comedy and conflict ensues. This show is available in most of South East Asia.

Kath and Kim

Smile Mom (웃어요 엄마) deals with the reconciliation & love stories of 3 mothers their daughters. Each pair is faced with obstacles they overcome together. Jo Bok Hee's (Lee Mi-Sook) successful daughter, Shin Dal Rae (Kang Min-Kyung), is diagnosed with an incurable disease. Kang Shin Young (Yun Jung-Hee) is betrayed when her husband, Shin Muh Roo (Lee Jae-Hwang ) is unfaithful. Don't miss this drama which portraits the strength and love of mothers. This drama is available worldwide, except in Asia.

Smile, Mom

To all the mothers around the world, we wish you a very Happy Mother's Day!