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The Irresistible ‘Oops! Kiss’ in Dramas

In a previous blog, we shared our picks for the Top 10 Hottest K-Drama Kisses. There are many types of kisses that seem to happen again and again in dramas, but today were going to focus on one of the most entertaining and unrealistic kisses imaginable: The Oops! Kiss.” 

Whats an Oops! Kiss? Check out Moon Geun Yeong and Park Shi Hoos demonstration from Episode 9 of Cheongdam-dong Alice.

Park Shi Hoo and Moon Geun YeongOops! Kiss in Episode 9 of Cheongdam-dong Alice.
The Oops! Kiss is unintentional, unexpected and an important turning point in any dramas story line. Writers love to force characters into awkward, close contact in order to stir up romantic tension. Without the Oops! Kiss” in Taiwanese drama Smiling Pasta, who knows how long it would have taken pop star He Qun (played by Nicolas Teo) and restaurant worker Xiao Shi (played by Cyndi Wang) to get together? Luckily, their fates collided in Episode 1.  

Nicolas Teo and Cyndi Wang’s accidental kiss in Episode 1 of ‘Smiling Pasta’

Some Oops! Kisses are more unbelievable than others. In Episode 2 of You’re Beautiful, Go Mi Nyu (played by Park Shin Hye), disguised as a boy, collapses on top of her bandmate Hwang Tae Kyung (played by Jang Geun Suk). She not only invades Tae Kyungs personal space but also cuts his lip and even throws up on him during the unintentional kiss. This may go down as one of the most painful and embarrassing accidental kisses in K-drama history!

Go Mi Nyu remembers her disastrous kiss a day later, in Episode 2 of Youre Beautiful.
Whats the most memorable or outrageous Oops! Kiss youve seen in a drama?

Park Shi Hoo Denies Accusations of Rape

Thirty-five-year-old Korean actor Park Shi Hoo has been accused of raping an entertainment trainee after a night of drinking at a bar. The trainee, who filed a complaint with the police, claims that she met Park Shi Hoo through mutual acquaintances, became drunk, and then her memory blacked out before waking up in bed with the actor.

Park Shi Hoo's representatives have denied the allegations of rape, saying, in an official statement, that what happened on that night with the trainee was consensual. Park Shi Hoo urged the media to wait for the results of the official police investigation. The police say that they plan to summon Park for questioning.

In Park Shi Hoo's public statement, he says that he and the trainee drank together and later went together to her home. Then, Park says that she invited him to stay the night, and approached him in order to start a physical relationship. A witness from the bar says that it appears from CCTV footage that the trainee was not drunk enough to need help walking down the stairs to a car. 

Park Shi Hoo recently starred in the popular Korean Drama, Cheongdam-dong Alice.

Actor Park Shi Hoo denies allegations of assault

Moon Geun Young Returns with Cheongdam-dong Alice

This Saturday, one of the most talented young actresses in Korea makes her return to the small screen in Cheongdam-dong Alice (청담동 앨리스). Moon Geun Young, who has impressed audiences ever since her childhood role in Autumn Tale, will play a hard-working girl trying to make a name for herself in the fashion industry. She will be romanced by Park Shi Hoo, the lead actor from dramas like Prosecutor Princess and The Princess' Man. We look forward to seeing his signature smile as he takes "Alice" down the rabbit hole to a new, glamorous life. Cheongdam-dong Alice is available to viewers in the Americas, and new episodes will air every Saturday and Sunday night (KST).

Moon Geun Young is "Cheongdam-dong Alice"

If you're a fan of Moon Geun Young and her bright, hopeful characters, you'd probably enjoy the 2005 romantic comedy, Innocent Steps. In this funny and heartwarming film, she is mistaken for her sister and recruited to compete in a national dance competition. Her partner, played by Park Geon Hyeong (the suave "doc" from I do, I do), is the dancer who must train her to win the championship in only three months. This movie is available to viewers worldwide except for these select countries: Korea, United States, China, Brunei, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Macau, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam.